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Bass Guitar Instruction

learn slap bass guitar riffs FunkyChops 101 Slap Bass Riffs, vol. 1
Features slap bass computer video clips in three speeds (fast, med, slow). This easy learning method focuses on playing-by-ear without tablature! Beginner to pro.

double thump slap technique Double Thump Slap Technique
Features a computer video tutorial that will show you how to do this amazing bass technique in less than 8 minutes. Play faster, easier! Instant download.

look at the bass from a song perspective Bass Lesson 1 - Song Perspective
This computer video tutorial looks at jamming & improvising from a song perspective. Features a jam-along audio track so you can apply yourself.

jam with a drummer now QuickBeat Human Drummer V1
The best way to groove is by playing with a real, human drummer. QuickBeat drum machine software is the next best thing. Download today & jam tonight!

jam with a band, now JimLeeJam, vol.1
Jam with a band right now. Beginner to pro, practice jamming & improvising with Jim Lee software. Volume 1 features 6 jams. You can even turn off an instrument.

superchords guitar instruction

SuperChords, volume 1
If you're a guitar player, check-this-out. SuperChords guitar chord instruction allows you to create a song before you've even learned how to play the chords!

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