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Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass

FEATURED REVIEW by Mikey Masters
Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass
I've been playing for over 20 years, now and I have used this bass both on stage and in the studio, and it has been nothing but great. I must say, the Thunderbird is one solid guitar. The sound is wide and sturdy.
Great sound. Modern basses today, get a large variety of sounds, and the Thunderbird does as well but it does have one outstanding bass tone that comes to mind... rich, deep and clean! This bass also produces nice booming lows, piercing highs & a great, even mid-range.

The Thunderbird is a great dynamic bass. It's a solid, solid bass. The only complaint I have is having to put it away right after playing. Don't try and lean this bass against something because the neck is thin (especially for a neck thru bass) and the headstock is huge with of course it's unique angled shape and this means if you try to lean it against something it will usually end up on the floor... so be careful. Other than that it's real sturdy and reliable. I rarely have to tune it and I play pretty aggressively.

As I mentioned before it has a neck thru body. The neck is nice and thin making it a fast bass. With the fast neck and the thick, heavy punchy sound this bass lives up to it's name... Thunderbird! I've gotten huge sounds out of this bass that can shake an arena. The T-bird is very punchy, and cuts through without being muddy or harsh. It is a very quiet instrument compared to it's phat sound.This bass plays like a dream, and I don't plan on putting it down any time soon.

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Modulus Flea FB4 4-String Bass

Modulus Flea FB4 4-String Bass
Learn to play like Flea!

In 1997, Flea's energy and vision inspired Modulus to create a bass that bears his name... Modulus Flea FB4 4-String Bass.

In the quest for neck-snapping, butt-shaking, groove-making tone, the carbon fiber neck will give you a huge head start. Each neck is a lightweight, ultra-rigid D-shaped shell made from dozens of layers of hand-formed, aerospace-grade, epoxy-impregnated carbon fibers. It rules for producing unclouded, even tone with abundant low and high harmonics. Because carbon fiber telegraphs attack more quickly than conventional wood necks, it also aids articulation and clearly pronounces attack dynamics. A non-structural relief adjusting system adjusts in both directions, allowing for underbow and overbow. And your maintenance woes are over. Carbon fiber is totally impervious to the ravages of moisture and temperature changes. From fit to finish, this neck is pure bass voodoo.

Double-cutaway alder body
Space Age carbon fiber neck
Compound radius composite fingerboard
Pearl dot position markers
Bi-directional relief adjusting rod
Basslines MM pickup
Master volume and 2-band EQ
34" scale
22 frets
1.56 nut width
2.45" width at 22nd fret
19mm string spacing
Aguilar active preamp

hardshell case

Sale Price: $2,329.99
Guaranteed Lowest Price!

Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass

Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass
It's back!

Like its guitar counterpart, it features a carved maple top, plus a chambered mahogany body, and ebony fingerboard. Hot TB Plus pickups provide expanded lows, crisp highs, and distinctive midrange you won't find in any other pickup. Deeply polished lacquer brings the traditional, translucent sunburst colors to life. Includes hardshell case.

* Chambered mahogany body
* Carved maple top
* Mahogany, slim-taper neck
* Ebony fingerboard
* 20 frets
* Pearloid trapezoid inlay
* 34" scale
* 1-5/8" nut width
* Body binding
* 3-point bridge
* Chrome hardware
* Schaller tuners
* Dual TB Plus humbucker pickups
* 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way switching controls

* hardshell case

Sale Price: $1,649.99
Guaranteed Lowest Price!

Ibanez GSR200 4-String Bass

Ibanez GSR200 4-String Bass
Highly recommended as a first bass!

It's a hot little bass for a very friendly price. Features an agathis body, one-piece maple neck, split-coil pickup with an added single-coil pickup at the fully adjustable bridge, and medium frets.

* Nice balance and feel
* Agathis body
* One-piece maple neck
* Split-coil and single-coil pickup combination
* Adjustable bridge
* Medium frets

Sale Price: $204.99
Guaranteed Lowest Price!

G&L L-2000 Electric Bass Guitar

G&L L-2000 Electric Bass Guitar
The ultimate evolution of Leo Fender design!

This is the kind of bass that you know sounds fantastic even before you plug it in. Its premium ash body and hard rock maple neck resonate so well that you can feel each note as well as hear it. Beautifully handcrafted and finished, it features many refinements such as custom G&L Ultra-Lite tuning keys with aluminum tapered string posts, G&L Saddle Lock bridge, Magnetic Field humbucking pickups, Tri-Tone active/passive electronics, 3-way mini-toggle pickup selector, a pre-amp series/parallel mini-toggle (off/on/on with high EQ boost). Includes G&L molded hardshell case.

* 2 G&L Magnetic Field humbucking pickups
* Ash body with transparent finish
* Hard rock maple with rosewood fingerboard
* 12" (304.8mm) neck radius
* 1-3/4" (44.5mm) nut width
* Ultra-Lite tuning keys with aluminum tapered string posts
* G&L Saddle Lock bridge
* G&L Tri-Tone active/passive electronics, 3-way mini-toggle pickup selector, series/parallel Mini-toggle, pre-amp control
* Mini-toggle (off/on/on with high end EQ boost)
* Molded hardshell case included

* G&L molded hardshell case

Sale Price: $1,129.99
Guaranteed Lowest Price!

Music Man Sterling 4 String Bass

Music Man Sterling 4 String Bass
The compact, comfortable cousin of the StingRay!

It's a similar shape to the StingRay, but shorter and narrower, while the neck remains basically the same (34" scale, 11" radius). It also features hot-rodded electronics: active 3-band preamp, a Music Man humbucker with hum cancelling phantom coil, and unique 3-way switching (both coils in series mode, single coil, and both coils in parallel mode). Schaller BM tapered-post tuners. Volume, treble, mid, bass controls.

* Compact body shape
* 34" scale
* Active 3-band preamp
* Music Man humbucker
* 3-way switching
* Schaller BM tuners

* Hardshell case

Rickenbacker 4003 Bass
Rickenbacker 4003 Bass
The classic Rickenbacker bass!

It's famous for its ringing sustain; treble punch; and solid underlying bottom end. It's also famous for its distinctive, elegantly curved body shape, accentuated by a subtle strip of binding, deluxe triangular fret inlays, stereo output, neck-thru-body construction, double truss rods, and high output single-coil pickups with wide response range and unbelievable clarity. Includes standard case.

* Elegantly curved body shape
* Stereo output
* Neck-thru-body construction
* Double truss rods
* High output single-coil pickups
* Deluxe triangular fret inlays
* Schaller Deluxe machine heads

* standard case

SquierÇ Standard P-Bass® Special 4-String Bass

Squier Standard P-Bass® Special 4-String Bass
Draws the best from two classic basses at an easy-to-afford price!

A 'best of both worlds" combo that makes perfect sense to a lot of bass players. It features the more compact P-Bass® body, the slimmer J-Bass® neck, P-Bass® split-coil pickups in mid position, and a J-Bass® pickup in the bridge. Other features include rosewood fretboard, traditional butterfly machine heads, one tone and two volume controls, and a three-ply pickguard.

* P-Bass® body
* J-Bass® neck
* P-Bass® split-coil pickups in mid position, J-Bass® pickup in bridge.
* Rosewood fretboard
* Traditional butterfly machine heads
* One tone and two volume controls
* Three-ply pickguard

Sale Price: $219.99
Guaranteed Lowest Price!

Warwick Corvette Standard Bass

Warwick Corvette Standard Bass
Raising the standard for all basses in its price range!

It's beautifully made and has that characteristic low growl for which Warwicks are famous. As with all Warwicks, it features premium tonewoods throughout: a bubinga body and 3-piece ovangkol neck with wenge fingerboard. This is a passive bass with a traditional tone and incredible punch. Fitted with MEC J/J pickups, MEC passive electronics, and chrome hardware. Includes deluxe gig bag.

* Bubinga body
* Ovangkol 3-piece neck
* Wenge fretboard
* MEC J/J pickups
* Passive MEC electronics
* Chrome hardware
* 24 frets
* Includes deluxe gig bag

* deluxe gig bag

Sale Price: $959.99
Guaranteed Lowest Price!

Washburn AB-10 Acoustic Bass

Washburn AB-10 Acoustic Bass
Rich tone adds a sturdy bottom to unplugged events!

Washburn's acoustic basses are renowned for their sweet tone, comfortable playability, and innovative design. The AB series acoustic basses have earned the support of many top players, and the AB-10 is the most affordable entry in the series. The AB-10 features a spruce top, mahogany body and neck, rosewood fretboard, and die-cast tuners.

* Cutaway body for easy fret access
* Spruce top
* Mahogany body and neck
* Rosewood fretboard
* Die-cast tuners

* case

Sale Price: $569.99
Guaranteed Lowest Price!
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