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Ampeg SVT 350H Classic Head Review
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Ampeg SVT-350H Classic Head

Ampeg SVT-350H Classic Head
Ok, I bought this head in 1993 and I still have it. That should say something to you... I really like this amp head, I use it a lot, or it's built tough. The answer is yes to all of the above... this head is heavy, and that's just the weight.

I made some money playing in a blues trio, so I moved-up from my Ampeg combo 15 amp to this beast... and I never looked back. I currently have this head paired with a Genz-Benz 410xl cabinet, and I must say that the tone is smooth! No Just smooth, but powerful.

The guitarist in the band was one of those guys who started the gig with his amp volume set at 9... and by the end of the gig, he was at 11! Needless to say, the Ampeg SVT-350H pulled through night after night (and believe me, this head has been really moved around a lot)... in all the ways that made this amp so famous.

This head employs the yin-yang principle. It has retro vintage tones while retaining the ability to pump out powerful, modern sound... the best of both worlds. It has an XLR out which your sound tech will love, and in addition to it's world-famous Ampeg tone knobs, it also has a graphic EQ... I don't even use my EQ. The tone is that good.

Bottom line? This Ampeg head offers a ton of tonal variety. The SVT-350H is professional grade. It's smooth, heavy & very powerful. This head is the difference between hearing bass and feeling bass.

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