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Fender Standard Jazz Bass Guitar Review
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FenderĒ Standard Jazz Bass®

Fender Standard Jazz Bass®
Bass players don't let the fact that the Standard Jazz Fender is produced in Ensenada, Mexico... if anything this is a good thing! I know what you're thinking, Mexico but the truth is, that the Ensenada shop is Fender’s state-of-the-art facility. The Ensenada shop is all Fender. The workers are highly skilled their and techniques have beeb refined over the last 50 years. As a result, the Fender Standard Jazz has continued to improve. One of the most recent changes is the upgrade in the pickups.

I love my Fender Jazz bass. Out of all the bass guitars I've played, I would have to say that this a the ultimate workhorse. The feel and playibility is quite impressive. It is very versatile and nicely balanced. I like it's balance in any position, whether I'm standing or sitting. It just feels comfortable, and there's no strain. As you will probably hear many bass players say, the Fender Jazz has a good offset body, and feel.

The neck is Maple with Rosewood fingerboard, and very straight, in fact I haven't had to adjust it in over 3 years. The slim neck, compared to the P-bass, allows for very fast to play and movablility. The Standard Jazz Fender has excellent electronics and as for the sound quality, the tuning is solid and the tone range is great.

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