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Modulus Flea FB4 4-String Review
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Modulus Flea FB4 4-String Bass

Modulus Flea FB4 4-String Bass
In 1997, Flea's energy and vision inspired Modulus to create a bass that bears his name... Modulus Flea FB4 4-String Bass. There are many things that separate this bass from others but it's most unique feature is the space age carbon fiber neck that has a compound-radius composite fingerboard. The neck has a very smooth finish and is so slick that you can really move on it, and not to mention it looks super cool... almost like it was designed by NASA. Some other features of the Modulus include a uniquely shaped double-cutaway alder body, 22 fretts, 4-strings, Gotoh bridge and tuners, and Bartolini active pickups. The tuners and bridge by Gotoh are super high in quality.

I think the Modulus was designed to last forever. This bass is "heavy duty!" This bass is desgined for the road, as you would probably imagine with all the traveling Flea has done. It's almost like a crash dummy... it wants you to slam it into stuff. It wants you to play it as hard as you possibly can. Even the finish is impossible to scratch. I have played this bass outside in the middle of summer and in below zero, nasty weather in New York. Thing about it is, is that it hardly ever goes out of tune.

Even though you might think the Modulus bass is only for slap style, you might be surprised to find out that this bass is very versatile. Play by the bridge and it's much like a Fender Jazz, but when played up top, you have the unique sound of the Modulus. This is by far the best feature... it has outstanding sound. It almost sounds like a Music Man, but it is a bit more elegant. The full sound has no hiss whatsoever. The Modulus is a very simply built bass with a complex GIANT sound. It has very simple, effective controls: three knobs, one pickup, and very low action... it's the easiest bass I've ever played.

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