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Ibanez GWB1 Gary Willis Signature Bass Review
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Ibanez GWB1 Gary Willis Signature Bass

Ibanez GWB1 Gary Willis Signature Bass
To put this bass guitar in context, Gary Willis, bassist for Tribal Tech, has often been refered to as the master of the fretless bass due to his seemingly effortless style of play. This quality lean machine is for the bassist who seeks total tone control. This bass is light weight with a thin neck... great for bass players like me who, play fast and have small hands.

The GWB1 swamp ash body responds extremely well to string vibrations and produces an excellent open sound. The body and neck are very slim and allow for great cutaways to reach the higher notes.
This particular model is both passive and active. It comes equipped with a 2-band-EQ (lows + highs) and one volume control. The volume knob has a push-pull controller and you can pull the knob to bypass the EQs... making it a passive bass.

The quick response also accentuates my fast style of play, however I think this bass can be used for several styles of music... unlike many other fretless bass guitars. With the total tone control this bass produces bright and metallic sounds as well as some warm sounds. The sound can vary depending on how you play and what strings you use on it.
All in all... this bass is for me and I would recommend it fully to anyone who has played bass for a while and of course, has the money!

* Swamp ash body
* Bartolini GWB bridge pickup
* Bartolini 2-band active EQ with bypass
* Fretless neck with lines
* Thin, fast neck
* 34" scale
* Removable finger rest ramp
* Volume/EQ bypass, Treble Cut/Boost, and Bass Cut/Boost

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