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Music Man Sterling Review
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Music Man Sterling 4 String Bass
This is one of the best basses I've ever owned... from rock 'n' roll to funk (and anything in-between) this bass is the king! You've heard of the Stingray, right? The Sterling is arguably better...

The Music Man Stingray has earned a reputation of being one of the best funk/rock basses around... just ask any bass player or Flea from the Chili Peppers. The Sterling is basically the Stingray with some improvements. Hard to improve on perfection you say? True, but Ernie Ball did it.

The Sterling features a slightly smaller body & headstock, so it's "more balanced" and tight. It also has modern active electronics for a wide assortment of tonal varieties... really. Of course, there's the world famous Music Man humbucker located in the body's funk sweet spot. I love this bass. Why? I could go on and on, but I'll just tell you a few reasons.

The Sterling is a prime example of Ernie Ball guitars... rock solid. Just ask anyone who knows, Ernie Ball basses are hand-built & high quality. They're not the cheapest priced instruments, but their quality is equal to instruments that cost twice as much... no kidding. Just do a Google search for reviews on the Sterling, I don't think anyone has anything negative to say about this workhorse! Just go to a music store & pick-one-up... "solid" will be the first word you say.

Just like the craftsmanship, the tone of this bass guitar is solid. Did I say solid? I meant awesome. No wonder Music Man's have world-famous sound. My particular model has a swamp ash body (heavy) with a maple neck... it's a tone machine. Articulate highs, beautiful lows & chunky mids. You will never be lost in a mix with a Sterling!

Sterlings have 5 bolts on the neck, as opposed to the traditional 4. Their truss rod is accessible without loosening anything... pretty smart right? For some reason, my bass always seems to stay in tune. This must be a true testament to the quality. I'll put my bass away for weeks, take it to gigs, and when I pick it up... it's still in tune!!

I think I read somewhere that everyone must own a Music Man bass in their lifetime... bass player or not. These basses are perfect for any type of music... but they really shine for rock & funk. I believe they are the undisputed champion for slap, which is nice, because I like to slap sometimes!

Bottom Line? If you have an extra $1,200 in your back pocket, run to the store and buy a Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling!

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