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Rotosound Swing Bass Guitar Strings Review
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Rotosound RS66LD Bass Strings Long Scale

Rotosound Swing Electric Bass Guitar Strings
There are mixed feelings about these strings but I really like them. Those bass players who do like these strings always describes them as very "punchy". They have a bright, crisp attack with good resonant sustain... not too mention they have a long, long life.

Okay, so I have a Fender Jazz, and that's exactly right, I bought these to put on my bass in the hopes of sounding like Geddy Lee because they're the same strings Geddy uses on his. I'll have to admit, I don't necessarily play like him but I know now why he uses them: they're excellent for a punchy, ringing, and crisp sound. Among other things the Rotosound Swing Bass Strings feel really good to play.

Another rumor I heard, is that these strings were Jaco's favorite! Again, I believe it because of the punchy, funky sound.
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