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Warwick Thumb 4-String Bass Review
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Warwick Thumb 4-String Bass

Warwick Thumb 4-String Bass
First I'd like to say that Warwick is a true BASS company... they devote their time to bass guitars, strings, etc., so the bottom line is that a Warwick bass will almost always sound great. Like most Warwicks, the Thumb BO has a very bright and crisp top end, and of course, that ever so famous midrange everyone refers to as the Warwick "growl". This is the bass's signature sound... it's really no joke, this thing growls and has the nastiest, low end I have ever heard. It's really the truth, you have to hear this low end to believe it. GRRR!!!. Aside from this it also has nice highs and you can get very smooth jazz sounds or tight punchy sounds and a lot in between. However, the whole reason I purchased this bass guitar was because it produces excellent sound for slapping and funk style playing. I play mostly funk, blues, and some jazz and this Warwick bass produces tones that none of my other bass guitars can duplicate... especially for slap!

Another unique feature of the Warwick Thumb 4-String Bass is the small body design. It is made from a natural rainforest wood called ovangkol and it is gorgeous, however you need to wax it often to keep it looking good. Because this wood is so dense and even though the body is small, it is heavier than most bass guitars and I would have to say that this takes a little getting used to but the pay off for that growling, crunchy sound is worth the few extra pounds. If you've ever tried a MusicMan, it's very similar in weight and the sounds are similar as well but I believe the Warwick still takes the cake. Once again the neck is heavey and thick but to me it feels natural in my hand... organic, thick, and solid. Because the neck is rather thick, I guess you could call it a "slow" neck and may not be the best for players who play fast and/or have small hands.

The setup is fantastic with the 3 knobs, a volume knob, a pick-up switcher, and a double stack EQ knob for the active pickups. It has active pickups which produce a crisp bottom, that funky top end sound I'm always looking for, and of course that "growling" midrange. It's really easy to find the tone you're looking for becuase the tuners are very stiff. The hardware is great. This Warwick is very well machined and durable. Once you get it in the groove you want, it remains put. It has brass alloy frets which seem to give it a nice sustain and bell like ring.

Bottom line, this bass is like no other and it cuts through like you wouldn't believe. I've used it for shows and in the studio and it hasn't failed me yet. Both thumbs up to Warwick's Thumb 4-String Bass!

* Ovangkol body
* MEC J/J active pickups
* MEC active 2-way electronics
* 3-piece ovangkol bolt-on neck
* Wenge fingerboard
* Black hardware
* 24 frets
* Angled-back keys for easier tuning
* Includes gig bag

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